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Posted on 30, September 2014 September 30 2014 2014年9月30日 by catoncoals

ididntseeyoucomein asked:

Hello! I just have to know, that bird that had its beak bitten off, can it recover or did it have to be put down? I love birds and im horrified what some people think is okay in regards to bird care...

His beak will not grow back, in his case.  He was not euthanized. Parrots can still live happy, healthy lives with a partial beak. Some injuries CAN be fixed with time and supervision with a vet— but that will not happen for this Amazon.  We have another Amazon at the rescue, named Rainbow, who has no lower beak.  She’s had to be hand-fed, but she still manages to play and eat on her own.  A parrot’s tongue works like a finger.



Euthanizing an animal with a handicap is not something I, and most rescues, advocate.